Mad Catz plans Android console: 'Mojo'

Mad Catz is also getting in on the Android microconsole business, vying for the same audience that Ouya is currently targeting. The "Mojo" is a miniature Android TV-connected console that comes with its own controller. However, unlike Ouya, it runs stock Android and supports both Google Play and Amazon Appstore marketplaces.

Because Mojo is a "standard" Android device, games previously purchased on those stores will be downloadable to the device. However, there is a caveat: "not all touchscreen games will work." Whereas Ouya games are optimized for that platform, Mojo simply runs Android apps.

"We're going down a very different road to the competition and believe in being open, honest and fair with the consumer," Mad Catz' Alex Verrey told CVG. "We're not offering a walled garden with a small selection of a hundred or so games. We're not forcing gamers to use our controllers if they don't wish to, we're not trying to sell services or software, nor are we forcing the gamers into a walled garden. Our commitment to the gamer is simple: We're going to deliver the most powerful Android based Micro Console on the market when we launch later this year."

Although Mojo is compatible with other Bluetooth controllers, Mojo will include its own controller that Mad Catz believes one-ups the competition. Verrey claims that other controllers are "generally very laggy," citing a response rate of up to 100ms. Mojo's controller, on the other hand, is 7ms.

Mad Catz is aiming to launch Mojo this holiday, although has yet to set a price. As CVG points out, because the company won't generate revenue on app sales, the hardware cannot be subsidized.