Hollywood sees hope for future video game movie adaptations

Let's be frank. Movie adaptations of video games are, for the most part, absolutely terrible. Yet more than ever, filmmakers remain optimistic that movies based on video games are about to turn the corner and see a jump in quality.

The "Video Games to Movies: Is the Golden Age Upon Us?" panel at Comic-Con discussed a slew of upcoming video game-to-film adaptations currently in the works. Unsurprisingly, the people involved with these forthcoming projects are confident they won't suck as much as what came before.

Polygon, who attended the event, reports an overall sense of optimism from the panelists, including Adrian Askarieh (Hitman, Agent 47), Tim Miller (Blur Studios), Justin Marks (Dead Space), Patrick J O’Brien (VP of EA Entertainment, currently developing films based on Need for Speed, Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Dante’s Inferno), and C. Robert Cargill (Deus Ex).

Cargill notes that part of what makes an effective video game movie is distinguishing the differences between the two mediums. The main challenge is in telling the story of a character that's determined by player choice. "You have to decide which version of this character is going to grab the audience," he said. "You decide on the character that you want to watch."

Though translation will prove a tough task, Agent 47's Askarieh, nonetheless, projects a bright future for video game adaptations. "What happened with comic books in the past is going to happen with video games," he said. "People with influence and power are now fans of video games. Before it was just a license, but now they know the worlds and the mythology. That wasn't there before." Askarieh is also projecting that high-quality video game adaptations will flourish in the next five years.