Former MMO RTS End of Nations now a MOBA

Troubled Trion Worlds title End of Nations has apparently gotten a facelift, switching genres from MMO RTS to MOBA. The official website for the game revealed the change, and a Trion rep told Shacknews that an official announcement will come on Wednesday with more details.

The website, which is now accepting applications for an upcoming beta, bills the game is the first MOBA RTS: "End of Nations is a tactical MOBA where your success on the battlefield depends on the heroes and units you command and quick decision making in the heat of combat. Dominate during team-based matches and catapult your commander to the top of the ranks." Five "heroes" are shown, including an armed ambulance, a mech, and aerial assault vehicle.

End of Nations development was shifted from Las Vegas-based Petroglyph Studios to Trion in December, forcing Petroglyph to lay off 19 people. The move came a little more than a week after the beta for the game was delayed indefinitely.