Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon patch adds garrison respawn option

If you've run out of garrisons to conquer in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon but want to keep messing in the world of 2007, fret not. You can now simply make the outposts respawn and retake them all over again, thanks to a patch now out on all platforms.

The patch has been rolling out slowly, hitting Xbox 360 back in June and PlayStation 3 last week, then finally PC.

It all comes about because of babies, babies who didn't realise it was easy to avoid Far Cry 2's respawning outposts, and perhaps even fun. With Far Cry 3, Ubisoft went too far and stop them respawning entirely, which made people realise, oh, it's a bit boring when everyone's friendly. So it patched in an option for growed-ups to reset all outposts to hostile. And now that option's in Blood Dragon too.