Planetside 2 introducing player-generated missions in August

Planetside 2 is taking steps to provide greater mission variety, by letting players start up missions on the fly. Sometime in August, an update will allow select players to create mission "hotspots" that will grant bonuses to those who take them up.

According to a post on the Planetside forums (via Rock Paper Shotgun), a player with the proper command certifications will be able to ask for specific actions at specific locations. Players could then accept them (one at a time), and will get some bonus XP for taking on those missions.

The post cites two examples. A call for air strikes at a location would yield XP bonuses for ground kills from aircraft, and a bigger XP boost for gunners and Sunderer kills. A request for deployment would give XP bonuses for squad-deploys and repairs, and a general increase to deploy bonuses and AMS spwan bonuses.

This announcement is for the PC version of the game, but we presume the same options will be available on the PlayStation 4 version once it launches as well.