Prey 2 'simply not good enough,' says Bethesda

Prey 2 seems to have gone dormant, or "in limbo" according to developer Human Head. Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines has chimed in about the game's status with some harsh words for the quality of Human Head's product.

"We appreciate that folks are displeased that we haven't had any update or any info on Prey 2, but whatever your displeasure is, you can't even be remotely as unhappy about it as us," Hines told IGN. "We spent years and millions of dollars and a ton of effort trying to help Human Head make a great Prey 2 game. What we said the last time we said anything was that it's not up to our quality standards."

Calling the game "simply not good enough," Hines said that the company had been very clear about the game's shortcomings. "When that gets addressed and changed or whatever, at that point we can give an update," he said. He also claimed that some of the leaks are merely "your version of what you think happened." He cautions that it's nothing personal, since he likes a lot of the staff at Human Head, but the situation "just has more to do with what the product looks like and if it's good enough."

Following a source who claimed that Human Head gave up on the game in November, the developer seemed to move on. Most recently a former developer claimed that the game was full and "crazy fun," and said its fate was "political."