Curiosity's Godus prize has a time limit, Molyneux says

The life-changing prize for hitting the center of the Curiosity cube allowed the winner to become a God among computer-generated men in 22Cans' followup title Godus, and reap some monetary reward as well. But now, designer Peter Molyneux is saying that the prize is but a temporary boon.

"The interesting thing is that what [winner] Bryan [Henderson] has won is a grace period where he can be god of gods for a certain amount of time," Molyneux told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "We're talking about that period of time [right now]. It won't be less than a few months. It might not be more than a year. And then we’ll unveil the ability to usurp the god of gods and replace him with someone else. That someone else will then take on all of Bryan's powers."

Molyneux said that the when and how of Henderson's eventual overthrow is yet to be determined. But during his temporary reign, he will be the first to gain a small portion of Godus's sales profits, depending on its success. So several months to a year of initial sales cash will probably be more substantial than any subsequent deity usurper. But how do the Kickstarter backers feel about being at the mercy of some non-developer entity?

"I want to gauge people's reactions--not just to the center of Curiosity, but also to gauge the reaction to Godus," Molyneux said. "... It didn't seem like that sort of decision should be made without some sort of feedback from the people who will actually be playing Godus." Molyneux said the alpha of Godus should be released to backers today.

Molyneux said that the god powers, probably provided through some sort of in-game control scheme, won't break the game's balance, as final say will still rest with 22Cans. "He can't decide everybody in Canada will explode or anything like that. There are limits to his power."