Curiosity cube cracked, granting Godus godhood

"What's inside the cube?" Peter Molyneux asked us with Curiosity. Well, we politely tapped a way a bit to try to find out, then got bored and stopped caring. After almost seven months, the final layer of Molyneux's cube has been cleared, granting its surprised winner godhood in Godus. A lucky lad from Scotland will have a say in how the god game works, and even receive a share of sales.

"You, you the person who reached the center, will be the god of all people that are playing Godus. You will instrinctly decide on the rules that the game is played by," Molyneux said in his video message to the winner. "And here's the life-changing bit: you will share in the success of the product. Every time people spend money in Godus, you will get a small piece of that pie."

While devoted cube-clickers have been tapping away all this time to uncover the prize, the winner, Scottish teenager Bryan Henderson, only started shortly before cracking it on Sunday.

"People are going to hate me for this," Henderson told Wired, "but I only registered for the game earlier this morning, about an hour before I won the thing."

I'm curious: what would've lain at the center of the cube had Godus failed its crowdfunding campaign? Until an 11th-hour surge of pledges, it certainly seemed it might.

Part of the Curiosity experiment was supposed to be seeing how the winner would share what lay at the centre, but 22Cans evidently abandoned this plan and released the video for all to see: