EA Sports Ignite engine trailer was pre-rendered

Gosh, wasn't the big reveal trailer for EA Sport's new next-gen engine Ignite exciting? To think, that's how sports games will be on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Ah. Well. Not quite. As you may have guessed, that wasn't in-game footage. No, EA says, that was pre-rendered footage which did at least use in-game assets and is supposedly "in line with" how the games actually are.

"It was all pre-rendered," EA Sports executive VP Andrew Wilson told Polygon. "Listen, we're not hiding behind that fact. This was an event that we've been planning for a number of months on a new platform. And what we wanted to do was use real game assets, so they're all real game assets, straight out of our game teams, but we had to get it into a format that would be usable in this style of event."

Consider it the target EA's aiming for with the next-gen editions of FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, and UFC. Wilson claimed that it was "following where our games are going and certainly in line with what we're seeing in our games right now on console." He added that "our games right now are delivering on that, and in some cases more."

Along with better graphics, Ignite supposedly brings better AI and movement.

We'll see more of those four games at E3, so what they're actually like should soon be clearer.

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