David Jaffe joins indie dev Pixelbionic to work on Autoduel

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe will be serving an advisory role on Autoduel, the inaugural project for indie developer Pixelbionic. The role makes sense, as the PC multiplayer car combat game is making no bones about paying homage to Jaffe's work.

The announcement also noted that Interstate '82 lead designer Scot Kramarich is on the development team, and Jaffe's will sit on the advisory board with Zack Norman, creator of Interstate '76, both of which show reverence for that series as well. The studio is headed by studio head Mike Arkin and InXile Entertainment founder Maxx Kaufman.

Autoduel hopes to modernize its influences, offering online multiplayer capabilities and RPG mechanics like persistence and car equipment customization. It's all set along a post-apocalyptic backdrop with scrap-scavenged cars doing battle. The players are divided into three factions: Ratters, Scavengers, and Techies. The studio is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, but for now you can check out the official site.