How original X-COM creator would have made Enemy Unknown (and failed)

Original X-COM creator Julian Gollop has played through XCOM: Enemy Unknown and found it to be a great and entertaining game (as we did). But that doesn't mean he wouldn't have done some things differently, and probably failed in the process.

"If there's anything that's a problem with the game, it's that you can be playing it for quite a while without knowing that you are actually completely screwed and you should have stopped and started again," Gollop told PC Gamer.

He said he had to restart the game a few times because he wasn't using the satellite system properly and losing out on extra funding. "Pretty much every decision you make has to be fairly carefully considered, because there's always a very distinctive trade-off in decisions," he said. "I think Firaxis did a really, really good job. If you ask me, would I have designed the game in the same way? I would have to say no."

He also said he wasn't fond of having to choose one mission over others when alien incursions happened. "You've got to pick one of them... You're going to definitely lose out somewhere, Gollop said. "You have to choose which one you're going to lose. I would have designed it differently, for sure. Would it have been as successful as the new XCOM? Probably not. No, I'm afraid."

He did say that the XCOM: Enemy Unknown did cure him of his desire to go back to his original and make another one. "For years I tried to remake X-COM. But with the new one, the urge is gone. That demon's been laid to rest."