Best of 2012: #2 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

COMMANDERS... You have performed... admirably, considering the situation. You managed to beat competition from what should have been Game of the Year contenders this year, and did remarkably well. The odds were always stacked against you, and earning support from Gamers around the world was always going to be a challenge. Would hardcore fans offer their support, given how radically different Enemy Unknown is from the original UFO Defense? And what about the hyphen? More casual gamers may have struggled to see the appeal of a turn-based strategy game in 2012. "Why isn't this a FPS?," they might have proclaimed. Who could have known there was so much power hidden in this relic of a genre?

Your perseverance, and use of modern technology helped you command such a lead in this year's battle. You managed to create a game that has the modern appeal of your enemies, without sacrificing the appeal of the classics. The end result was a game that very few could resist. Not only did Gamers and Editors pledge their support for your cause, but they came back over and over again--even after their entire squads were wiped out in a mismanaged turn in Ironman mode.

You've proven that challenge can be its own reward, with the seemingly insurmountable odds making the battle that much more satisfying. But gamers want more. We expect even greater things from you in 2013. Do not disappoint us.


The Shacknews Best of 2012 Awards were determined by ballot voting across the entire Shacknews staff. Garnett, Jeff, John, and Steve voted for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, with Andrew picking it as his personal Game of the Year, earning it 355 points and the 2nd place position on our list. The Shacknews Community chose the game as the 3rd Overall Game of the Year.