Jagged Alliance: Flashback launches Kickstarter

Hey, you! You like good old video games, don't you? You grumble and gripe about today's games with the best of them, don't you? Well then, prove it. Frontline Tactics developer Full Control today launched a crowdfunding campaign for the old-school, properly-turned based tactical Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The studio would like a very reasonable $350,000 to make an old video game, like you keep telling everyone is best.

Full Control describes Flashback as a "reset" of the series rather than a reboot. "Our main goal is to bring back the tactical turn-based action that the original Jagged Alliance games are known for - the game was a thinking man's game, a thinking man with lots of guns!" it says on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Pledging at least $25 will get you a DRM-free copy of the game when it's finished for PC, Mac, and Linux, which is estimated to be in November 2014. Or you can pay more to get a boxed copy, put your name or face into the game, and the other usual expensive Kickstarter rewards.

Full Control is currently focused on its turn-based Space Hulk game, but will begin pre-production on Jagged Alliance while finishing up then launch straight into it afterwards.

The studio explained that it has simply licensed Jagged Alliance from owner bitComposer rather than seek funding too "as we wanted to maintain and stay true to our vision of the game." bitComposer's last JA, Back in Action introduced real-time elements which displeased some fans.