Leviathan: Warships jazzy trailer is smooth sailing

There are no flippy-floppies and no T-Pain, but the new trailer for Paradox Interactive's upcoming turn-based strategy game, Leviathan: Warships, does feature a whole lot of smooth jazz. The music and narrator is more akin to something you'd hear on "The Love Boat," but Warships is more about blowing boats out of the water than lounging by the deck.

Warships has players build their own custom navies, featuring up to 11 different ships and 16 weapon types. The most intriguing feature that the smooth operating narrator touts is cross-platform play, with players being able to match wits against their friends on the PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablet versions. Cloud saves will also allow the battle to continue across those different devices.

The Warships trailer also teaches everyone some valuable lessons. Boats can't fly, "leviathan" means "big," you’re the boss of your own boat (the boat boss, if you will), and, of course, the asking price for the game is cheaper than buying a real boat. That Barry White-sounding narrator is right--boats are expensive. And don't get me started on the cost of boat insurance.

Pre-orders for Leviathan: Warships are now available at GameFly and other digital sites, with the game ready to set sail on April 30.

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