Microsoft director who fueled 'always-on' debate has left company

The Microsoft director who fueled the "always-on" debate for the next Xbox via Twitter has reportedly left the company, although it is not clear if he resigned or was forced to leave.

Sources told Game Informer that Adam Orth, creative director for Microsoft's video game division, was no longer employed there. Subsequent calls to the Redmond-based company's main switchboard confirmed the story. A Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon "We don't comment on private personnel matters."

Orth stated on Twitter that he didn't understand the always-on "drama" and that he wanted "every device to be 'always on.'" His comments sparked a back-and-forth with BioWare's Manveer Heir that raised the ire of gamers toward Microsoft. Heir and Orth later passed the exchange off as friends just "busting balls," although Microsoft later felt compelled to apologize for Orth's "inappropriate comments."