Activision has plans for King's Quest game

Telltale Games had promised a reboot of the King's Quest games from Sierra On-Line in 2011, but between developing The Walking Dead and the just announced Fables game The Wolf Among Us, the title never materialized. Now, it appears that Activision has plans for the series since the rights have since reverted back to the publisher.

Paul Trowe, head of Replay Games, told Digital Trends that he had hoped to license King's Quest from Telltale so that he and Sierra co-founder Roberta Williams could work together again on a project. But Telltale told him that it couldn't do the games, and that it was in the hands of Activision.

"I talked to the guys at Activision and they were like, 'No, we're pulling it because we're going to do it ourselves,'" Trowe said.

We've reached out to Activision to see what they may have planned. We will update if they offer any more details.