Syndicate Wars deploys to GOG

Don your trenchcoat and strap on your cyberleg, as finally both of Bullfrog's classic Syndicate games are on virtual shelves. The original Syndicate returned via GOG last January after years in the aether, shortly before the release of Starbreeze's Syndicate FPS reboot, and its sequel Syndicate Wars joined the party yesterday.

GOG's selling Syndicate Wars DRM-free for $5.99, which is perfectly reasonable.

Syndicate Wars brings shiny new toys to the top-down tactical series, including Razor Wire you lay across streets, zappy Electron Maces, orbital strikes of superheated tungsten rods, and Nuclear Grenades which can and will destroy buildings gloriously.

With these shiny new tools, you set about the usual business of killing folks for EuroCorp--or the new Church of the New Epoch faction. Once again, you control a squad of four agents when in the field, and upgrade their weapons, equipment and bodies with funds you raise. 's nice.