DICE eyes up Oculus Rift for Frostbite engine

Virtual reality and 3D goggles have been seen as something of a joke for positively yonks, but the Oculus Rift seems to be changing opinions. Industry figures including John Carmack, Valve's Michael Abrash, and Cliff Bleszinski have all endorsed the VR headset, and now DICE is giving a good looking-over. The Battlefield developer wants to investigate Oculus Rift support in Frostbite, its engine which also powers games from Dragon Age 3 to the new Command & Conquer.

DICE is looking for a master thesis student to investigate and work on Oculus Rift support in the Frostbite engine, which sent 3D advocacy and certification group Meant to be Seen to DICE creative director Frank Vitz for answers.

"It should be awesome. BF3 in [Stereoscopic 3D] works great and our current version of the engine has all of that support still," Vitz told MTBS (via Eurogamer). "There are multiple titles in the works that would be awesome with the Rift."

The issue DICE wants a master intern to work on, is not simply supporting Rift in Frostbite, which DICE expects to be "pretty straight forward and quick," but "how to make it work really well." If it can look as good as this VR mod for Half-Life 2, yes please.

He explained, "You and I both know how tricky 3D can be with different kinds of game play cameras. I have worked with several VR headsets in the past and they all fell short."

Vitz says DICE's internal community is "eager to work on" the Rift, with "at least four kits on order." Oculus should start shipping dev kits soon, which are prototypes for the finished consumer product. Gosh, it might actually catch on.