Just Cause dev teases next game, looks like sequel

By Steve Watts, Feb 28, 2013 11:15am PST

Avalanche Studios has been dropping teaser images for its next game, which looks suspiciously similar to Just Cause 2. The latest has a man clad in garb similar to Rico Rodriguez jumping from a plane, which would be incredibly dangerous if not for a parachute. As Just Cause players know, Rico has plenty of those.

The teaser image from studio founder Christofer Sundberg (via Joystiq). Two weeks ago, Sundberg released a similar teaser image of the character on a bike. A follow-up from the studio head implies that this is building to an E3 reveal, which is pretty far away to start the drum-beat this early.

The smart money seems to be on Just Cause 3, but one other possibility has been proposed. This could be the long-rumored Mad Max game that had been reportedly in development at Avalanche until last year. Then again, Mad Max is all about a post-apocalyptic future where gasoline is scarce, and airplanes aren't exactly fuel-efficient.

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