Epic releases 'Epic Citadel' for Android

Epic has decided to show off its Unreal Engine 3 tech on Android, with the release of Epic Citadel for Android devices. The free app offers plenty of pretty visuals, and houses a few new features to boot.

You can pick up the app from Google Play. This new version of the app also includes a "benchmarking mode" to gather performance data for your device. It tracks frames per second, quality settings, and resolution details. This comes alongside showing off some of UE3's impressive graphical doodads, like dynamic animations, the global illumination system, and texture masks.

The iOS version is also getting a free update with the new visuals and high-resolution support, though the announcement doesn't mention a benchmarking mode. Either way, though, it's free and gives you something to break out at parties, if you go to parties attended primarily by other hardware nerds.