Epic Reveals 'Project Sword' for iOS, Releases Demo Showcasing Unreal Engine 3 Tech

Epic Games boss Mike Capps revealed a new title for iOS devices at Apple's keynote event, earlier today. The title, codenamed "Project Sword," is an Unreal Engine 3 title for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices set to launch later this year.

Developed by Chair Entertainment, the team that jumped into my dreams and plucked Shadow Complex from my mind's eye, Project Sword is a medieval-based, "action role-playing adventure game" featuring 1-on-1 sword battles.


Aside from looking fantastic, Capps promises that Epic will not keep its Unreal-powered mobile wizardry from other creators. "We're putting Unreal Engine 3 technology into the hands of game developers all over the world, and we can't wait to see the apps they make next," he said in a press release.

Epic has also released a short demo of the Unreal tech, dubbed Epic Citadel, for iOS devices via the iTunes App Store.

In Epic Citadel, players can navigate a "fictional castle realm" using the multi-touch interface. The environments in the demo, which took a small team of programmers and artists eight weeks to develop, are "inspired" by the upcoming action title Project Sword.