NRA releases Practice Range game on iOS

The National Rifle Association has released a new game for iDevices today called NRA: Practice Range. The free app provides rudimentary target practice, enabling players to virtually shoot 9 firearms across 3 shooting ranges. Practice Range offers both analog and gyroscope controls for their weapons.

In addition to the virtual shooting range, the NRA app also offers safety tips on gun handling, and is updated with news and legislation updates pertinent to NRA enthusiasts.

The release of Practice Range has attracted some criticism, especially as its release comes less than a month since NRA VP Wayne LaPierre pointed to video games as partly responsible for the gun violence in the country. Others are critical of the game's target age group of 4 and above.

While LaPierre insinuated homebrew Flash games like Kindergarten Killer are corrupting the minds of American youth, today's release of Practice Range shows that video games of all types can be created and distributed freely over the web.