Fallout 4 rumors, The Cave, The Walking Dead - Shacknews Daily: January 10, 2013

To kick things off, a new Fallout thing is happening. Erik Todd Dellums, voice of Three Dog from Fallout 3, recently proclaimed that "there may be more of the Dog coming!" While noting the cruelty of the tease, he added that he was "given permission to release that tease," whatever that means. Next, Double Fine's The Cave is right around the corner, even with the still-nebulous "January" release listed. But it's close enough to be available for pre-order on Steam, and Valve has partnered to promote it the best way it knows how: Team Fortress 2 goodies. Finally, The Walking Dead's retail release has been less than stellar on the Xbox 360. Players have complained of severe hitching that has prevented them from completing some of the game's quick-time events, which could just halt progress completely. Telltale has started offering a solution: just take the digital version.

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