Telltale offering Walking Dead digitally to those with Xbox 360 retail bug

The Walking Dead's retail release has been less than stellar on the Xbox 360. Players have complained of severe hitching that has prevented them from completing some of the game's quick-time events, which could just halt progress completely. Telltale has started offering a solution: just take the digital version.

Polygon reports that the company is offering the Xbox Live Arcade version for players who fill out a Claim Redemption Form (Word doc). Those interested in getting the download must provide proof of purchase for the retail game, and proof of ownership of a 4 GB Xbox 360. The company says the process for getting download codes could take up to four weeks.

Telltale says the problem stems from playing the game on a 4 GB system, so it's only offering the redemption to those owners. The full series uses up a significant portion of the 4 GB flash memory in those systems, though, so players would either need to commit to a large chunk of their space or delete episodes as they make their way through the series.

"We value our customers and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused," said the post accompanying the announcement.

The company has also submitted a solution to Microsoft to fix a save bug that impacts both digital and retail Xbox 360 players, in which the game loads the first episode when players select a new one. The game would immediately save the file, overwriting any existing progress. Telltale warns that until the fix is finalized, players should make sure to play online if your saves are under an online-enabled account.