Project Godus Kickstarter ends, hits Linux stretch goal

For much of its crowd-sourcing campaign, it seemed Peter Molyneux and 22cans' Project Godus would fall short of its goal. Things really picked up in the final few days, however, and it wrapped up this afternoon a safe distance past the finish line. Good news, everyone! Peter Molyneux is making another god game.

The Kickstarter campaign wrapped with £526,563 (around $850,000), safely past the £450,000 ($730k-ish) goal, with a little extra pledged through Paypal on top. That's just past the £525k stretch goal of a Linux edition, too.

"Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting GODUS," says an update post. "Our job is now to work on and complete GODUS, the game we've fallen in love with, and to make it the game you want to play."

Look, here's Peter Molyneux and fellow designer Jack Attridge facing off in a very, very early prototype version. Except a heck of a lot to change as development continues.