THQ evaluating Linux following Humble Bundle feedback

The Humble THQ Bundle may have raked in more money than almost another other Humble Bundle, but not everyone was thrilled with Humble's first AAA bundle. It was Windows-only, lacking the customary Mac and Linux versions, and also busted the 'no DRM' rule with Steamworks games. Pleasingly, counting the money isn't the only action THQ is taking after that, as the publisher's now looking at making Linux editions of games.

Asked on Twitter whether THQ could consider Linux releases, THQ president Jason Rubin responded (via PCGamesN), "Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak."

Of course, the numbers may well say it's not financially viable, especially considering games rely on a lot of middleware which may not necessarily be available on Linux. Still, it is nice that they're looking, and fingers crossed the numbers work out. It'll help that Steam is now expanding to Linux, ensuring a popular and solid store to sell Linux games.

Now, if we could get THQ and others to consider the DRM complaint too, wouldn't that be grand?