BioShock Infinite has no multiplayer

As potentially cool as it could be to use the BioShock's assortment of crazy powers in a deathmatch, BioShock 2's attempt at multiplayer was largely ignored. BioShock Infinite creator Ken Levine has confirmed the game has no multiplayer, debunking a long-running rumor.

Levine confirmed it with a matter-of-fact tweet, in response to a fan question. "No MP in Infinite," he said.

Multiplayer was long-rumored for the game, after job listings seemed to imply that it was in the cards. But following some key developers leaving Irrational, we heard reports that the multiplayer modes had been scrapped. More developers have left Irrational since then, but the studio has picked up Epic Games' Rod Fergusson.

Last we heard, BioShock Infinite is still on-track for its planned February 2013 release. Culling the multiplayer may help Irrational hit that target.