THQ running out of cash, seeking 'strategic alternatives'

One of the side effects of delaying your entire slate of upcoming games is the lack of money. With Metro: Last Light, Company of Heroes 2, and South Park: The Stick of Truth all delayed, THQ is running out of money--and fast.

"Clearly, THQ faces a number of opportunities and challenges," THQ's Brian Farrell said in a recent financial report. "We also face challenges operating with limited capital resources in the highly competitive market for games, and we are working diligently to resolve those challenges."

The company is now seeking "strategic alternatives" to help the company stay afloat. According to VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi, that usually means the company is looking for buyers. A consulting firm, Centerview Partners, will help THQ determine the company's future course.

Unfortunately for THQ, Darksiders 2 did not help the company's bottom line. Sales were below expectations, in spite of having shipped 1.4 million copies.

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