Monaco confirmed for PC and XBLA

The Independent Games Festival is different from many award-o-ramas in that it allows unfinished games to be entered, meaning it can champion games we won't even get to play for years. Such was the case with Monaco, which lifted the Grand Prize at the 2010 IGF. After a long wait, developer Pocketwatch Games yesterday confirmed platforms for its co-op heist 'em up: PC, Mac and Xbox Live Arcade. We still have no release date, though.

The PC and newly-revealed XBLA editions will launch simultaneously, whenever that happens. Majesco is publishing the newly-revealed XBLA edition, but Pocketwatch is self-publishing the home computer versions, selling them through Steam and its own site. That Mac port might possibly launch alongside PC and XBLA, or not.

Check out January's level walkthrough to see the intricacies of pulling off a heist in Monaco, or just watch this trailer celebrating the platform announcement if you want flashy excitement: