Sony patents hot/cold Move controller

Sony has had some crazy innovation ideas for its controllers before, some more successful than others. A new patent poses another off-the-wall idea that could come to pass: a controller that turns hot or cold based on gameplay feedback. It looks like a Move wand, but with a set of bands that change temperature.

Kotaku reports that the patent published this week details a few of its applications. The controller could heat up when your gun overheats or when you're hit with a fireball, turn hot or cold when you're searching for something, or (with the help of biometric feedback) cool down your hands when they get sweaty.

The patent isn't any guarantee that Sony will make the device. In fact, between the biometric controller and Sony's answer to Kinect, the company in the habit of odd device patents lately. But then again, we thought the Move wheel looked a bit on the strange side too, and that one actually happened.