World of Warcraft exploit slays cities

World of Warcraft cities across several servers were turned into tombs over the weekend as naughty level 1 hackers with insta-kill powers ran amok, slaying players and NPCs alike. One claims the hack has been used for almost a month against monsters, but Blizzard recently detected it so they decided to go out with a bang. The hole has been hastily fixed.

"Earlier today, certain realms were affected by an in-game exploit, resulting in the deaths of player characters and non-player characters in some of the major cities," Blizzard said yesterday. "This exploit has already been hotfixed, so it should not be repeatable."

YouTube user 'JaddMMOwned,' who uploaded a video purporting to show the same hack being used on NPC raid bosses, claims this wasn't an especially new hack:

We were using this for almost a month in Baradin Hold (9000g per hour seemed to be the most we could get out of this hack). It was going great for us, but unfortunately, the first ban was issued yesterday to a friend that was using the hack, so we figured it would be fixed in the near future and decided to pay a tribute to the server developer who slipped up for us.

Here's footage one player captured of the slaughter on the streets of Stormwind: