Torchlight 2 planning more end-game content post-launch

Torchlight 2 is launching as we speak, and Runic Games has already given some thought to what it might be building next for the game. In a Q&A with fans, members of the team outlined a few plans and answered questions on its pricing model.

"Yes, we want to do more content post launch," level designer Patrick Blank told Reddit (via AusGamers). "For level design specifically, new map scrolls for endgame, phase beast portal rooms, and more variations of already existing levels so there is even more randomization where we feel it is beneficial. We will just have to wait and see how fans react, and what they ask for and try to accommodate if we can."

CEO Max Schaefer also offered some thoughts on the game's $20 price point. "Not everyone has $60 laying around," he said. "Plus, digital distribution, like on Steam, makes this more economically viable for a company like us. We couldn't make money selling $20 boxes only, but we'll do fine with this price because of the trend towards digital distribution." He also says that making a "quality game at a fair price" is Runic's philosophy on how to combat piracy. "That's our approach and we're sticking to it!"