Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD grinds onto PC today

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD ollied onto Xbox Live Arcade in July then boardslide-hand-dragged its way to PlayStation Network in August, but the PC edition initially due to switch-frontside-720 out "a few weeks after" the XBLA launch has only just arrived today. On the bright side, there is a 10% launch discount so you can save one whole dollar, perhaps to spend on a gnarly new skatin' tune or an xtreme carbonated beverage. Nab it from Steam for $8.99 before the price goes up on October 1. Pro Skater HD revamps the best (well, mostly) of Neversoft's first two Pro Skater games to look a bit nicer and all those sorts of things you'd expect from a game with an 'HD' suffix. A slice of Pro Skater 3 is coming soon to PC in the $5 'Pro Skater 3 Revert Pack' DLC, which includes three THPS3 levels, new skaters, and the third game's 'Revert' move. Publisher Activision has sent over a few new high-res screenshots of the PC version:

I'd pull a similar face in this situation too, in all honesty