Microsoft seeking former OnLive employees to join Xbox team

OnLive's collapse means that many talented people are currently without a job. However, many of them may find a new home: Microsoft. The company is hosting an OnLive "networking mixer" at its Mountain View campus, not far from OnLive's Palo Alto HQ.

Although Perlman and OnLive are attempting to get as many people back with the newly restructured company, there will still be many unable to (or unwilling) to return to the game streaming company. Microsoft's pursuit of former OnLive employees is particularly interesting, especially when considers Sony's recent acquisition of Gaikai, a competitor in the game streaming space.

According to an invite from Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division (aka "the Xbox group"), Microsoft is "eager to speak to individuals and teams affected by the OnLive transition." Adding, "with the stunning success of Xbox/Kinect and the accelerated growth of this business, we are looking to add key players who want to make a real impact in creating groundbreaking new products and services."

As VentureBeat points out, Microsoft and Xbox Live have a lot to gain from OnLive technology. Microsoft was a long-rumored contender to buy OnLive, but it's certainly cheaper to hire the brains behind the operation instead of an entire company.