Day Z passes a million players

People might be getting tired of zombies, but they apparently aren't getting tired of hyper-realistic games that border on the impossible. Sheer gamer masochism is the only possible explanation for the Day Z mod having surpassed a whopping one million unique players today, after only four months on the market.

The Day Z Mod site ticked past the threshold and the development team sent out word with a tweet. More than 2.1 billion zombies have been killed, which might make Day Z sound like a relatively zombie-free paradise. But that assumption would be wrong since almost 4 million characters have been straight-up murdered by other players. As usual in horror fiction, man is the real monster.

That's just the kind of breakout success that might tempt players and publishers to come for its standalone version, which is hoping to launch later this year as long as things go smoothly.