'Disinterest' in Medal of Honor Warfighter showing, analyst says

The poor quality of the last Medal of Honor game is fueling apathy in the upcoming Medal of Honor Warfighter, an analyst said in a report released in anticipation of a Q1 earning update from publisher Electronic Arts later today.

Doug Creutz, an analyst who covers video game companies for Cowen & Company, dropped his sales estimates for the upcoming Medal of Honor title from 2.3 million units to 1.4 million. "This is based on a very soft performance since E3 in Amazon's top-selling game rankings compared to other recent titles," he wrote. "We think the most likely culprit for apparent gamer disinterest is the poor quality of the last 'Medal of Honor' game in 2010."

Creutz is also down on Star Wars: The Old Republic, expecting subscriber numbers to drop from 1 million to around 500,000 for the current fiscal year "due to continued poor server density trends." EA had said the MMO is "not a top 5 game" for the company, and has been examining a free-to-play model for the game.

We will know more about EA's situation on their earnings call this afternoon.