Critical Path documentary grills gaming legends

Games industry luminaries including--deep breath--Tim Schafer, Hideo Kojima, Jordan Mechner, Ken Levine, Cliff Bleszinski, Sid Meier, John Carmack, Jenova Chen, Richard Garriott, Clint Hocking, Todd Howard, Warren Spector, and Will Wright have sat in front of the camera for Critical///Path, a documentary which aims to "give game designers their due as innovators and influencers of culture." And breathe!

Creator Artifact Studios describes Critical///Path as a "transmedia project exploring the art, philosophy, politics and psychology of video games." The first step will be an online archive of video interviews with those fabled figures mentioned before, and many more.

Then they'll release a documentary film, and a mobile app for hip kids with pocket telephones.

For a teaser of the kind of ruddy exciting chat we can expect, watch the trailer.