Spy vs Spy announced for iOS

The classic Spy vs Spy is hitting iOS devices this summer, based on the comic strip of the same name from MAD Magazine. The game is based on the 1984 title for Apple II, Atari 400/800, and Commodore 64, but offers updated visuals and a new soundtrack. And purists will be able to play with the original sound and graphics, as well.

As you might expect from Spy vs Spy, the goal is to set up a variety of traps to take down your spy opponent. The campaign mode includes the original eight "embassies" along with 16 new ones, or you can play online and local multiplayer for human opponents. The game also offers leaderboards and GameCenter achievements.

The game is being developed by Robots & Pencils, and published by Warner Bros. Take a look at the first gameplay trailer below.

BOOM video 13276