Limbo Special Edition announced, includes 3D glasses

Finally! A way to enjoy Playdead's award-winning Limbo in color. The newly announced Limbo Special Edition comes with red/blue 3D glasses, so you can enjoy the game in eye-popping black and white and red and blue.

The $25 boxed edition includes DRM-free versions of the PC and Mac version of the game, in addition to a standalone soundtrack by Martin Stig Andersen. There's also seven original art cards and a boy sticker--all bundled in a classy box that you'd be proud to show to your parents.*

The Special Edition is now available on Amazon. Given Playdead's next game is still years away, this may be one of the last chances you can give them money in quite some time.

* Don't show it to your parents. It has a boy impaled by a spider. What is wrong with you?!