Limbo dev's next game is another dark 2D platformer

Playdead's first game was a critical and financial success. Limbo's dark, atmospheric 2D world captured the attention of gamers everywhere. So, what's next for the Danish studio? Apparently, another dark 2D platformer.

The first info on "Project 2" has surfaced due to the game's receipt of a grant from the Danish government. The studio gets 1 million Krone (about $169K), and we get a first look at their new game. It's a win-win.

"Project 2" tells the story of "one boy's struggle against evil forces through questionable experiments on human bodies, trying to take over the world." Like its predecessor, it will feature "unique puzzles" and offer 2D platforming gameplay. However, unlike Limbo, the grant site notes that "the game is in color and set in a 3D environment."

Although the game isn't due until 2014, Kotaku points out that the game is currently listed for PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360.