Rage: The Scorchers rated

Could DLC be in the works for id Software's open-world shooter, Rage? A new PEGI rating makes it sound very likely.

A new listing by the European ratings bureau details Rage: The Scorchers, and it's been rated for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Like the original game, it's classified as an "Action" game, rated 18+ (for obvious reasons).

Siliconera points out that the Scorchers were a clan of bandits that didn't make it into the final build of the game. However, the internet rarely forgets a thing. Wikia has some screenshots of the Scorchers wrecking havoc within Rage, in addition to details on this forgotten tribe:

The Scorchers are one of the bandit clans in RAGE. Not much is known about them. They worship 99942 Apophis, the asteroid that destroyed the old world as shown in the prologue. They believe a demigod rode the burning rock straight into the soul of the planet, and that by tapping into its energy, they will become the "toughest motherf***ers" in the Wasteland. They decorate their bodies and vehicles with images of fire and destruction, which makes it easier to spot them in the wastes.