Blizzard limits creation of Diablo 3 games

While everyone was having fun testing out the new real-money auction house in Diablo III that launched late yesterday afternoon, Blizzard has added a limit to the number of games players can create within a certain time frame.

A post in the official forums offered vague details about the hotfix, which was added independently of the latest 1.0.2c patch to alleviate some strain on the game's servers. The fix apparently wasn't working as intended, and the Diablo 3 servers are currently down for more maintenance, but players can expect the limit to appear again once the issue is fixed.

Community Manager Lylirra addressed player concerns over the lack of an announced limit, saying the number "isn't yet set in stone" and that the team is trying to make sure normal play is not penalized.

Blizzard continues to monitor the server issues as well as the game experience. In preparation for the launch of the real-money auction house, it suspended or banned thousands of player accounts found to be hacking or botting, and has insisted players use an authenticator for the new AH.