Minecraft for Xbox 360 dev working on 'Adventure' update

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has been a hit, in spite of lacking some of the features of its PC brethren. Developer 4J Studios has promised steady updates to add new features, but one of the biggest and most significant patches will also be the most difficult. After a smaller patch, 4J will be moving into adding the Adventure update.

"[The Adventure update] is going to be the most difficult update due to the sheer amount of changes, and also the underlying architecture changes that come with it," 4J's Paddy Burns told OXM. "We're looking forward to the challenge!"

The Adventure update, known as Minecraft 1.8, added a host of new features and even an end-game to the PC Minecraft. It revised Survival Mode to include a stamina gauge, NPC villages, Endermen, and underground strongholds, among other more technical tweaks. It also added a Creative Mode with infinite resources to build to your heart's content. These features have been present in the PC version for quite a while, but 4J predicts a technical hurdle to get them into the 360.

"We're implementing the features from the Beta 1.7.3 version at the moment, and it's nowhere near as tricky as the 1.8.2 changes will be," Burns said. "There are no big architecture changes with the move to 1.7.3, so it's been quite straightforward. The move to 1.8.2 is much more challenging."

The 1.7.3 update is smaller in scope. Its main purpose is to add pistons to the game, plus a fix to clay generation, a new shears tool, and a few other minor adjustments.