Modern Warfare 3 free 'Face Off' mode on Xbox 360 next week

With all the hubbub over Call of Duty's "season of content" for Modern Warfare 3, it's nice to see Activision throw non-paying fans a bone with some free DLC. Coming May 15th is the new Face Off mode--created specifically for 1v1 and 2v2 battles. Best of all, two Face Off maps--Aground and Erosion--will be free to all Xbox 360 players, not just Call of Duty Elite members.

The free maps will also be available on PS3, One of Swords confirmed. While not yet dated, PS3 DLC has typically arrived about a month after the Xbox 360 version. PC players will probably have to wait a bit longer.

In addition to the free DLC, Activision has outlined its plans for Content Collection 2, the next big batch of for-pay DLC. Collection 2 will be available on May 22nd for non-Elite members on Xbox 360, and will include all the content released since Collection 1. Once again, PS3 and PC owners will have to wait for their turn to pay.

For an overview of all the new offerings, check out this video from IGN:

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