Modern Warfare 3 'season of content' schedule revealed

Activision promised twenty content drops for Modern Warfare 3 over it's "season of content." One day after the launch of the game's first DLC, the publisher has revealed its year-long DLC release schedule.

While the 20 pieces of content to be released via DLC will largely comprise of maps, additional Spec-Ops missions and game modes are planned for release as well. For example, March's content drop will feature two Spec-Ops missions in addition to an extra map. June's update will introduce a brand new gameplay mode.

The official content calendar reveals the full schedule:

  • January: Two maps
  • February: Map
  • March: Map, two missions
  • April: Two maps
  • May: Map, mission
  • June: Map, mission, mode
  • July: Two maps
  • August: Map, mission, mode
  • September: Map, mission

The content season ends in September, which may suggest an October or November release for this year's installment of the annualized FPS franchise.

As we detailed yesterday, this schedule is only applicable to Xbox Live Gold members with paid Call of Duty Elite subscriptions. Non-Elite Xbox 360 players, paid and unpaid PS3 players, and PC players will have to wait for a different distribution schedule.