Draw Something daily usage drops 33 percent

Developer OMGPOP's mobile drawing game called Draw Something has amassed a huge number of players on iOS devices since its launch. However, recent data suggests that the drawing game's popularity is in steep decline, shedding approximately one-third of its active users in about a month's time. We're guessing that mobile publishing giant Zynga is none too pleased, having purchased OMGPOP back in March for $210 million.

According to metrics posted on AppData, Draw Something's daily active users peaked in April, at somewhere just shy of 15 million users. In the following thirty days since that peak, the game's daily active users have dropped to around 10 million.

Industry site Develop also points out that Draw Something once held the record for most downloads for any game when it first released, achieving about fifty million downloads in fifty days, a record only recently surpassed by Angry Birds Space.

At the time of this post, Draw Something has slipped from the top spot to fourth in iTunes "Top Paid Apps" list, is second in its "Top Free Apps" list, and is now the fifth "Top Grossing App" of all time.

Perhaps patching in some more words to the game's relatively-limited stable of choices (especially the free version) would be a helpful sort of tourniquet. Just sayin'.