Modern Warfare 3 DLC available on PC in May

PC gamers have long felt like second-class citizens in the Call of Duty ecosystem. However, Modern Warfare 3 has proven those fears wrong--they're actually third class citizens. Neither paid or free forms of the Call of Duty Elite service are available for PC players--despite reassurances. And none of the post-release content has yet to arrive on PC.

Well, that finally changes next month, with the release of the first "Content Collection" on PC.

The Content Collection will be available on May 8th, and it will include four multiplayer maps and two Spec Ops missions. This includes content that was initially available for paying Elite subscribers on Xbox 360 in January. The compiled "Content Collection" was made available for all Xbox 360 owners in March and PS3 owners in April. Hope you PC gamers don't mind the wait.