Activision still planning Call of Duty Elite on PC

Call of Duty Elite has been suffering an embarrassment of riches, as console users flocking to the premium service has made it difficult for many to get in. The PC version hasn't released yet, and despite a statement to the contrary earlier today, the company claims it's is still coming.

Speculation was kicked off by an official tweet that said they "cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC." The "if" raised a few eyebrows.

Shacknews contacted Activision to clarify the statement, and the company says they misspoke. "The goal has always been to provide a PC offering for Elite," a representative told Shacknews. "The timing for that free offering is still being determined, so stay tuned for news on that."

PC didn't get a beta of the service, but it was said to be coming to the platform alongside the MW3 release. Given the continued problems that plague the service, it's clear that Activision has to improve the service before expanding it to yet another platform.