Torchlight 2 pre-orders open with free original on Steam

Undeterred by the launch of the clicking juggernaut that is Diablo III in a fortnight, Runic Games has opened pre-orders for its own action-RPG, the charming Torchlight II. You can slap your $20 down now, or club together with three chums for the $60 four-pack.

"As we put the finishing touches on Torchlight II, it made sense to start pre-orders after the great response we received at PAX East," Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer said in the announcement. "Fans have asked us for a pre-order, and we are planning an imminent network test, so the timing was perfect."

You can direct from parent company Perfect World, though you'll probably want to go to Steam. Steam's offering a free copy of the original Torchlight with pre-orders, which can be gifted if you already own it, and is the only place to get that bargain four-pack.

Torchlight II is due to be released some time this summer.

"We are still working hard to finish the PC version, then we'll work on the Mac version," Runic said yesterday on Twitter. "Too small to do both simultaneously!"