Double Dragon: Neon coming to PS3, Xbox 360

WayForward Technologies is showing no signs of slowing down. The talented 2D developer is rapidly expanding its prolific portfolio, having released eight games in 2011 (including Aliens Infestation and BloodRayne Betrayal). In addition to the upcoming Adventure Time game, WayForward has revealed yet another game in development: a new addition to the Double Dragon franchise.

Neon will have players taking control of Billy and Jimmy as they fight to save Marian from "Skullmageddon."


According to IGN, Neon won't stray far from the series' origins. "The gameplay is the same brand of 2D side-scrolling popularized by the original game several decades ago, albeit with even more of a wild, 80s flair."

The game's official Facebook page promises new locales, like "the mystic orient" and "SPACE." In addition to kneeing thugs in the face and throwing weapons, you'll also be able to pick up weapons and collect power-up songs for use in your custom mix tape.

Expect a lot of neon colors to accompany the retro-inspired guitar-and-keyboard soundtrack. Neon is aiming for a July release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.